The PoATRI Campaign is a worldwide response to superstitious, dogmatic thinking.
A global community of vocal, freethinking rationalists.

PoATRI :  /ˈpəʊatri/ 'Poh-Ah-Tree'
PoATRI is the acronym for the 'Possibility Of All Things, Reliably Indicated'.
A simple, yet highly effective, conversational tool to expedite meaningful discussions, inspire, encourage and motivate critical thinking.

A person holding themselves to the standard of PoATRI (believing in "the possibility of all things reliably indicated") will inevitably demonstrate the following qualities:
  • An optimal balance of open-mindedness and rationalism.
  • Open to learning and value truth.
  • Ability to scale beliefs, judgements and actions accordingly.
    And, if motivated,
  • Easily draw attention to flawed belief systems.
  • Help society eradicate erroneous beliefs and behaviours through reasoned conversation.

“PoATRI draws a non-confrontational line in the sand and invites the superstitious to line up and engage.”

The functionality of PoATRI, when used in conversation with theists, is threefold:

1. To demonstrate both the open-mindedness and rationality of a person (atheist) holding themselves to this standard.

2. To focus the subsequent conversation on the “reliable indicators” for the respective (theist/atheist) positions.

3. As an additional (or, if required, alternative) and more meaningful and descriptive label to “atheist” without the negative cultural connotations which may impede a productive dialogue. E.g. “I believe in PoATRI”, or “I’m a Poatrist”, as opposed to “I’m an atheist.”

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