MONDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2014: DALLAS, TX – Secular-based radio program, Dogma Debate began broadcasting a live radio show on Saturday Dec 6, at 1PM CST, and stayed live on-air until 1PM CST Sunday. The original plan was to raise $5,000 for Foundation Beyond Belief. Two days prior to the event, that projected goal was doubled.

Hosted by David Smalley, and his co-hosts, John Karpf, Donovan Baker, and David Michael, the “24-HR BROADCASTATHON” reached over 10,000 live listeners, featured more than 30 guests and on-air talent, and garnered financial support from nearly 300 donors, totaling $31,454.

An additional $20,000 is set to be matched by the Foundation Fifty Giving Circle, bringing the grand total to $51,454.

The first turning point in the night happened around 8PM CST, when Philip Kizer, the Chief Information Officer for Dogma Debate, proposed a $1,000 matching challenge. A listener who only went by ‘George’ immediately matched the offer, bringing in over $2,000 that hour.

The following guest, Todd Stiefel, founder of the Stiefel Freethought Foundation, offered a sextuple match for all donations during his hour, and ended up contributing $10,655. That donation took the total over $19K, nearly doubling the original goal in just the 10th hour of the 24-hr broadcast. With his parting comments, Stiefel requested that Dogma Debate increase the goal to $30,000.The challenge was accepted.

Atheist podcasters, bloggers, and authors from all over the world joined together with their fan bases tuning in. The hosts of the Cognitive Dissonance podcast even provided their own matching challenge of $2500.

By hour 23, Dogma Debate reached the new $30K goal, and the donations kept rolling in.

Dale McGowan, Executive Director of Foundation Beyond Belief called in to the radio program to express his gratitude on behalf of the organization. “We are blown away by the tremendous support of the secular community, and by the hard work put in by the entire staff of Dogma Debate. This fundraiser has made history, and is record breaking on so many levels. This is going to help us do amazing things in 2015. We are forever grateful to everyone who contributed, volunteered, listened, and shared to make this happen.”

Brandy Madden, Outreach Director for Dogma Debate, said “In the world of volunteering, we’re always stressing the importance of contributing, no matter how you choose to do it. This just shows the difference we can make when we all work together for a great cause.”

The host of the radio program, and CEO of Dogma Debate’s parent company, Secular Media Group, LLC, David Smalley, released this statement several hours after the 24-hour broadcast ended:

“I am amazed at what has happened today. In the three years of broadcasting this show, I have never once shed a tear on air. After today, I can no longer say that. The financial support for Foundation Beyond Belief was overwhelming enough, but the support from our volunteers, and comments from listeners on how this movement, our show, and Foundation Beyond Belief has changed their lives, really got to me. We’re really doing it. We’re changing the world; even if it’s only 3 listeners at a time.”

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