Atheist! What’s an atheist?

The unprecedented growth in atheism over recent years has been accompanied by an equally unprecedented rejection of the title “Atheist”.
In the broadest sense, if you don’t believe in any gods, you’re an atheist. 
However, defining yourself according to ‘what you don’t do’ may not be meaningful, and with a lack of consensus on a consistent definition, it may also not be accurate.
Add to this the range of negative connotations supplied by centuries of religious misinformation and it’s easy to see why simply calling yourself an atheist is no simple task for the unbelievers, the heathens and the damned.
So, if you’re an infidel looking for a more meaningful and accurate descriptor, with less of the ‘outcast’ effect, you should familiarise yourself with PoATRI.

PoATRI :  /ˈpəʊatri/ 'Poh-ah-Tree'
PoATRI is the acronym for the Possibility Of All Things Reliably Indicated.

A person holding themselves to the standard of believing in the ‘Possibility Of All Things Reliably Indicated’ will inevitably demonstrate the following qualities:
  • Approach life with an optimal balance of open-mindedness and rationalism.
  • Be open to learning and value truth.
  • Scale their beliefs, judgments and actions accordingly.
     And, if motivated,
  • Focus attention on flawed belief systems.
  • Help society eradicate erroneous beliefs and behaviours through reasoned conversation.
PoATRI delivers meaningful benefits to atheists on two effective fronts.
Firstly, as an additional (or even alternative), unstigmatised, non-confrontational label regarding a world view, in contrast with theists; such as “I’m a Poatrist”, or “I believe in Poatri.”
Secondly, as a tool to expedite meaningful discussions, inspire, encourage and motivate critical thinking.
A subtle statement to catalyse discussions and create real change in the people you interact with. 
For example:

So! What DO YOU believe in?” Ask the theists, assuming our lack of belief in their gods must surely imply that we have some alternative flapdoodle to offer.
Stay calm, friend.
There’s no need for flapdoodle when you have PoATRI.
“I believe in the possibility of all things,”
Pause for a moment and hold eye contact with the theist, to ensure their attention. Then add
Keep your conversations with everyday theists, where they should be – on the point.

No expert debating skills required.  No expert knowledge required.

Simply use your common sense to question a theists ‘reliable indicators’ and you’ll plant the seed of doubt that could eventually create a fellow critical thinker.
A modest, yet meaningful manifesto for open-minded, freethinking rationalists; PoATRI draws a non-confrontational line in the sand and invites the superstitious to line up and engage.

If you'd like to encourage critical thinking and help erode the influence of dogmatism, superstition, and bigotry in our world, PoATRI will help you.
The PoATRI Campaign is a world-wide response to the urgent need for a neutral, intellectual meeting point for theists and atheists to openly discuss the “reliable indicators” for the positions they hold.

Watch PoATRI in action here.

This is your invitation to join the conversation.